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BR series of precision double-axis turntable

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  • Data:2017/06/15
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BR series precision two-axis turntable

This equipment is a high accuracy of Angle measuring instrument, which is used to check (also as a large-scale high-precision coordinate boring machine accessories for finish machining equipment) point of view, the distribution of parts such as gears, indexing plate, CAM, multifaceted arris body, etc.
This equipment has two high precision rotation (rotation and tilt), and especially suitable for the aviation industry and some complex parts in the precision machinery industry, such as box and annular parts double Angle oblique holes or with double Angle bevel Angle to the location of the measurement or processing.
This equipment is respectively by two sets of the rotation and tilt grating transmission device controlled by CMOS circuit, also use aerospace industry testing gyro, special motor etc.

Main parameters of the instrument


Work surface diameter:400mm、600mm、800mm、1000mm


Rotary table minimum degree value:0.1";


Rotary table show value accuracy:1";


Does not change is greater than the rotary table lock in value 1";


The workbench spindle taper hole for4Morse taper no.;


Tilt table minimum degree value: 1";


The accuracy of tilt table values:5";


Tilt table lock is not greater than value change 2";


The workbench Angle:- 10 °~90°

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