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NCR series of CNC turntable

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  • Data:2017/06/14
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NCR series nc rotary table
NCRSeries nc rotary table is the key to all kinds of CNC boring and milling machine and machining center matching accessories, workbench installed on the host workstation in horizontal way, used to host the fourth rotating shaft, or directly used as machine of the table.Turntable under host related control system control, which can realize uniform and not uniform holes, grooves or continuous special surface processing, and ensure high machining accuracy.
Main parameters of the instrument
1Work surface diameter:200mm250mm300mm400mm500mm600mm800mm1000mm
2Rotary table minimum degree value: 10 ";
3Workbench rotary accuracy value: 5 ";
4Does not change is greater than the rotary table lock in value 5";
5The workbench spindle taper hole for4Morse taper no.;

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